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Looking for a specific solution to a particular problem? Find out how to design a logo, set up Photoshop, or shoot the perfect shot

Wacom Pen Not Working? Try These Quick Fixes and Solutions

broken Wacom pen not working

Imagine being struck by a set of ideas while designing, and a Wacom pen not working correctly serves as a barrier. The wireless pen is of immense importance to designers and digital artists in the modern era. It has been introduced for 40 years and has evolved ever since.  The Wacom pen technology is used … Read more

Graphic Design on Mobile: A Step by Step Guide

Smartphone displaying hello text

Many people all around the globe are full of passion when it comes to design, however since they don’t have the latest computer or software they often resort to the conclusion that maybe it just “isn’t for them.” But, you know how the famous saying goes, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Nowadays, almost … Read more

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