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Re-discover print design by learning how to design posters, business cards, and magazines

What is Sublimation Printing and How Does it Work?

Using custom print designs to customize your own mugs, t-shirts, and accessories are quickly gaining traction. Whether it’s for expressing your love for a certain someone or starting a profitable business, sublimation printing enables you to print your designs on fabric and ceramics. Sublimation isn’t as confusing or complex as it may sound. In this … Read more

What is a Laser Printer and How Does it Work?

Ever heard of Superman using his lasers to print out photos? Well, we’re now in the future. A laser printer uses a laser to print out photos onto a piece of paper. But, how does it exactly work and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using one? In this post, we’ll explore what a … Read more

What is an InkJet Printer and How Does it Work?

There are many types of printers for creating high-quality prints but inkjet printers are commonly chosen for their inexpensive price tag and high-quality colored prints. Inkjet printers use inkjet technology by spraying ink on a medium. But are they any good? Before you consider looking at some of the best inkjet printers to buy you … Read more

What is Print Design? (Definition, Types, Process)

what is print design? posters attached to a container

What is Print Design? Print design is a subset of graphic design where the design is first created digitally then printed out. Print design is mostly used for branding and marketing purposes. Business cards, flyers, and packaging are all part of print design. Print design shouldn’t be confused with printing. Printing is the process of … Read more

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