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Can You Learn Digital Art Even If You Can’t Draw?

person learning how to draw on digital art tablet

Digital art can be an exciting field for many passionate artists. There’s something thrilling about using a drawing tablet for the first time and drawing on your computer just as you would on paper. However, digital art can be confusing for many beginners and pose a lot of questions. Many aspiring digital artists tend to … Read more

Color Symbolism: A Complete Guide

color pallete featuring warm colors

It’s no secret that colors make our world a whole lot more beautiful. It’s hard to imagine a world without colors as it makes things more attractive. It won’t be wrong to say that the most essential aspect of any design is color. However, color isn’t just used to make things look pretty rather certain … Read more

Do Drawing Tablets Work on Phones?

Wacom tablet connected to phone

Drawing tablets are great for drawing digitally however it can be quite an investment. There are many budget options available in the market but still buying a computer to go with your drawing tablet can be expensive. Fortunately, our phones also have digital screens so, can drawing tablets work on them as well? Yes, many … Read more

Is a Drawing Tablet Worth it for Beginners?

women working on graphics tablet with laptop

I remember when I was a beginner to digital art and graphic design, because of how exciting it was. However, a thing that really stumped me and a lot of other beginners are the different tools available – especially the infamous drawing tablet. Should I get a drawing tablet as a beginner? Will it be … Read more

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