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Everyone needs a logo and you can design it for them by learning about logo design from our wide list of posts on logo design

Why Do Companies Rebrand?

History and evolution of Apple logo rebrands

Nowadyas, we’re starting to several companies rebranding. Several companies from various industries have changed up their logo and advertising, from fast food companies such as Burger King to more social corporations such as Pfizer. You might also notice how the newer designs look more modern due to the rising flat design trend. So, why do … Read more

The 20 Most Famous Fast Food Brand Logos

Burger King new chain

People go to they’re favorite fast food joints as soon as they’re craving some good and delicious food, the infinite number of choices, the ever-changing menus and the convenient drive thrus keep people coming back for more but, what gets them there in the first place? Especially when there are millions of options out there … Read more

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