10 Best Graphic Design YouTube Channels to Follow in 2023

best graphic design youtube channels

Youtube is a great source for learning, especially for beginners who are confused on how to start and what to look forward to in their field. 

Thankfully there are tons of YouTubers out there on the platform that are willing to provide their expert tips, tricks, and advice for beginner and advanced graphic designers for free.

In this article, we’ll disucss the top graphic design YouTube channels to follow in 2023

Top 10 YouTube Graphic Designers to Follow and Kickstart Your Career

You’ll find many talented graphic designers sharing the latest design techniques and tips to excel in your career. But, the ones we’ve disucussed below are some of the best ones with regular posts on their channels.

1) The Futur

Creator: Chris Do

What to expect: business & marketing advice, client negotations & sales, pricing tips, motivational pep talks, graphic design tips, and expert interviews

Suggested video:

The Futur, despite providing a lot of paid learning resources, also has a YouTube channel in which they always provide detailed insights of their workflow and tips and tricks. They also upload quite consistently averaging about 2-3 video uploads every week.

The thing I personally love about The Futur is that it not only covers the design part of graphic designing but also everything else relevant to the industry, answering questions such as, “How to deal with tough clients?”, “What is the scope of Graphic Design” and many more.

The tips and tricks are also very hands-on and practical, they may roleplay conversations between a client and designer or bring on other professional, globally recognized designers and go live with them showing how and why they work the way they do.

Check out The Futur on YouTube.

2) Satori Graphics

Creator: Tom Cargill

What to Expect: graphic design resources, tips, tricks, workflow optimization, courses, Adobe CC tutorials, and inspiration

Suggested video:

Tom Cargill, Creator of Satori Graphics, specializes in Logo & Brand Identity design and has a very impressive and modern portfolio.

What I personally love about Satori Graphics is, firstly, the videos are short and to the point. No unnecessary info is given and everything in the video is relevant to the topic, he doesn’t clickbait his viewers.

Secondly, I like how involved and active He is with his followers on YouTube. He Posts consistently 3 times a week and usually updates his viewers if he cannot upload at times. He also hosts polls for his community constantly asking him what kind of content the viewers would want to learn.

Check out Satori Graphics’ YouTube channel.

3) Will Paterson

Creator: Will Paterson

What to Expect: logo design & redesign, design critique, hand lettering, informative tutorials, career advice, and organization & productivity

Suggested video:

Will Paterson, specializing in Lettering and Logo Design, offers his viewers great freelancing and career advice. Will has a great personality which you can see shining in every one of his videos. He uploads consistently 2 times a week.

Personally, I like Will Patterson’s explanation on lettering as I think he does it best.

Check out Will Paterson on YouTube.

4) The Futur Academy

Creator: Chris Do

What to Expect: graphic design tutorials, inspiration, and tips, portfolio tips and guides, design critique, and career advice

Suggested video:

Hands down the best YouTube channel for any creative. Giving the best of the best design tips, advice, and critique.

The Futur academy offers free courses on YouTube teaching a certain area of a skill from start to finish. They also invite a lot of top gun graphic designers on their podcasts to give the best tips in the design industry.

On their channel you’ll find gems of advice, desing critique, and a vast collection of tips to unlock your creative potential.

Check them out on on YouTube.

5) Daniel Scott – Bring Your Own Laptop

Creator: Daniel Scott

What to Expect: free design courses, design challenges, Adobe CC tutorials, UI/UX design, web design, and logo design

Suggested video:

Daniel Scott, a man with a great positive personality, is an Adobe Certified Instructor and provides free and easy-to-learn tutorials for beginners and advanced (He has Separate tutorials for each group)

I, personally, love the explanation of Dan. His way of explaining is great especially for beginners and he also tries to optimize the workflow of his viewers by emphasizing importance on hotkeys and shortcuts to reduce the time it takes for designing.

Check out his channel, bring your own laptop, on YouTube.

6) Yes I’m a Designer

Creator: Martin Perhiniak

What to Expect: design theory, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign tutorials, graphic design fundamentals & techniques

Sugested video:

Martin Perhiniak is a certified Adobe Design Master & Instructor. He has been teaching design for a long time now and was even rated one of the top 10 Adobe instructors worldwide based on student feedback.

On his channel you can expect to learn about the basics of graphic design, design principles & techniques, advanced compositions, and many other tutorials and best practices to make you a top-notch designer.

Check him out on YouTube.

7) Zimri Mayfield

Creator: Zimri Mayfield

What to Expect: humor, graphic design tips and inspiration, memes, logo design & redesigns

Suggested video:

Zimri wasn’t always the funny guy you see today. In the start of his YouTube career he used to create detailed tutorials for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. However, he pivoted to becoming a less serious graphic design YouTube channel where he can show off his comical persona and witty humor.

Nowadays you’ll see him posting about stuff like logo redesigns, critiques, and memes. He’s also very engaged with his audience and he frequently mentions his followers in videos either through their submissions or their comments.

Check out Zimri Mayfield on YouTube.

8) Elliotisacoolguy

Creator: Elliot Ulm

What to Expect: graphic design memes, humor, design challenges, and tips & advice

Suggested video:

If you like light-hearted comedy while seeing a talented graphic designer at work, Elliot is perhaps the funniest graphic design youtuber you’ll come across.

Not only does he make hilarious jokes, he’s got an overall goofy and care-free personality.

But, don’t get fooled by his happy-go-lucky attitude. As a graphic designer, Elliot is quite talented and seems to have a unique abstract style. His way of explaining his designs is also pretty casual which makes it easier to connect and follow along.

Although you’ll find gems of advice on this channel, most of his followers are there for the design challenges he takes on (not to mention those are also one of the highest viewed videos of his)

He also posts advice, tips and the occasional memes on his Instagram page as well. He’s ammassed hundreds and thousands of followers due to his unique style of humor and self-deprecating jokes. Sometimes you’ll see him poking fun at the oh-so-humble graphic designers as well.


Check out elliotisacoolguy’s YouTube channel.

9) Kel Lauren

Creator: Kel Lauren

What to Expect: merch design, logo design & redesign, font collections, and beginner advice

Suggested video:

Kel Lauren is a fantastic graphic designer that specializes in merchandising design and album art. It’s fair to say that despite her notable abilities she made her presence known as a graphic design YouTuber through her engaging logo redesigns.

Garnering over 300,000 subscribers and over 14 million views, Kel has gained her fair share of online fame. Currently, she’s working as a freelance designer and has been inactive on your YouTube channel – with her last video, at the time of writing this article, being a year old.

Despite that, she has around 90 videos which you can grab some inspiration from and discover her unique approach to graphic design. She’s also shared her work across Instagram, which can also be a source of inspiration for you.


Check out Kel Lauren here.

10) Eyedesyn

Creator: EJ Hassenfratz

What to Expect: 3D design & editing, Cinema 4D tutorials, motion graphics

Suggested video:

Eyedesyn is run by EJ Hassenfratz who’s well-versed in Cinema 4D. He has over 12 years of experience using Cinema 4D and has been teaching motion graphics for around 7 years.

Currently, he’s the creative director at the School of Motion which provide aspiring designers training on motion graphics and animation.

On his channel, you’ll often find long, detailed videos ranging anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. It mostly consists of specific tutorials teaching its viewers how to make a certain effect or design in Cinema 4D.

Check out eyedesyn on YouTube.

Who is the Best YouTuber for Graphic Design?

Choosing which YouTubers to follow for graphic design advice, news, and tips depends on your personal preferences. However, if we were to choose one, I’d say The Futur and Satori Graphics are the best channels to learn graphic designing.

Can I Learn Graphic Design on YouTube?

Yes, YouTube is a great source of learning for many beginner and professional graphic designers. Many YouTube designers have provided their knowledge on the platform and continue to share what they come across as the industry evolves. Although there are many benefits of getting a design education, being a self-taught graphic designer isn’t too far fetched.


YouTube is a great source of learning for people trying to become graphic designers or to take their already established graphic designing career a step further.

These 5 are the best in my opinion as I personally have learnt a lot from them in regards to the graphic design industry.

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