Choosing a Video Editor for Mac: 4 Points to Consider

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This article was contributed by guest author Lindsey Evans

Video editing is no mean feat, especially if you are trying to find your footing in this field. The importance of videos across social media platforms has catapulted since 2016, which coincides with the introduction of TikTok.

TikTok is a short-form video application that is changing the way video is made and consumed. The app has single-handedly started a revolution in the world of social media. Giants like Instagram and Facebook had to follow suit and add Stories and Reels to their platforms because people needed more short-form videos. Also, creating high-quality videos for these platforms can give you the opportunity of becoming an influencer and earning a sizable income.

Of course, besides creating videos for Instagram or TikTok, you can also create short films, documentaries, wedding videos, etc. Irrespective of what kind of video you are shooting, remember that editing plays a pivotal role. You cannot publish or upload unedited videos for public consumption. And in this regard, the right video editor is your best friend.

Since most creative individuals prefer Mac, this guide talks of factors to consider when choosing a video editor for Mac. If you are impatient and wish to get a headstart, check out this article on Setapp, The article gives you a list of the top free and paid video editors for Mac in 2023, including Capto, Blender, and Lightworks. You may have heard some of them from your video editor friends. The article also talks about why Mac is the best option for video editing if you have any doubts.

Now, without further ado, let’s explore how to choose the best video editor.

Features to Pay Attention to When Choosing the Best Video Editor for Mac

The features to consider would largely depend on the type of videos you wish to create. For example, if you want to create how-to videos, it will be helpful to use a video editor with screen recording capabilities.

As such, there is an exhaustive list of features to consider, but the most important ones are:

  1. The ability to cut out clips and splice them together so you can remove unwanted parts or easily create new videos from the existing clips.
  2. A comprehensive range of overlays and filters to make videos look more aesthetic and professional.
  3. A library of stock videos and sounds can be used in the video.
  4. A wide range of scene transitions so that the transition from one clip to the next is smooth.
  5. The ability to change the aspect ratio of the video so editors can create videos for different platforms.

Besides these, it’ll be helpful if the video editor can export the videos to various formats like AVI or MP4.

Assess Your Skills

It would be best to choose a video editing software for Mac that is within your skill level. Choosing an expert-level video editor when you are a beginner in this field would mean spending months learning how to use the editor.

Therefore, start using beginner-friendly editing software, and when you develop the knack for it, you can upgrade to an advanced-level editor like Adobe Premiere Pro.

Similarly, if you are a professional video editor, choose software that is at par with your skills.

System Compatibility and Requirement

There are notable differences between Macs and Windows PCs when it comes to video editing, so it’s not enough to find a video editing software that is compatible with Macs.

First, you must check whether the software is compatible with the current macOS version you are running. Also, check the system requirements of the software. For example, some video editing apps require large amounts of disk space. To use such an app seamlessly, you must clear storage space.

There are also apps that support specific file formats. You must ensure the software supports the formats you regularly need to work on.

Your Budget

If you are starting, budget might be the only thing on your mind. You can use free video editing software for Mac and develop your skills. Once you have learned the ins and outs of video editing and are confident you can become a professional, you can invest in paid software for Mac.

Also, keep an eye out for video editing apps that offer free trial periods. You can use them for free to understand how they work and then purchase a subscription.

So, these are some basic factors to consider when looking for a video editor for Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Do YouTubers Use Any Specific Editor?

iMovie is a common video editor YouTubers use because the tool comes free with Mac devices. Otherwise, there’s no such specific editor, and it depends on individual requirements and preferences.

2.     What Video Editor is Preferred by Filmmakers?

Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro are two Mac video editors popular among filmmakers.

3.    What is the Most Essential Part of Creating Videos?

Most people will tell you shooting a video is the most important part. But, in reality, it is editing. During the post-production stage, different clips come together to create a video that tells a story. The footage and graphics are accompanied by audio to attract the audience’s attention.

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