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Learn all about video editing and software to design professional-grade videos and advertisements

What Video Editing Software Do Hollywood Filmakers Use?

Hollywood sign sitting on top of lush green hills

Ever wondered what kind of software is used to produce Hollywood films? There’s no doubt that Hollywood has set a new standard for filmmaking and when it comes to quality video editing – they surely take the crown. Given the huge budgets that Hollywood film producers have, it’s easy to doubt your own ability to … Read more

Choosing a Video Editor for Mac: 4 Points to Consider

Featured image showcasing a macbook

This article was contributed by guest author Lindsey Evans Video editing is no mean feat, especially if you are trying to find your footing in this field. The importance of videos across social media platforms has catapulted since 2016, which coincides with the introduction of TikTok. TikTok is a short-form video application that is changing … Read more

Mac VS PC for Video Editing: Comparison & Review

Video editing is a cherished art that requires not only creativity and extreme focus but an adequate operating system as well. Professional video editors are unable to compromise on high performance, speed, and upgradeability. But as technology keeps on advancing and newer computers with better specs are released in the market, the debate continues about … Read more

Why is Adobe the Industry Standard?

Person using laptop with Adobe apps

If you have ever thought of entering the field of multimedia, which includes all sorts of digital production, you must’ve come across a software company called “Adobe.” Adobe is everywhere and everyone uses it. From your favorite content creators on YouTube and Instagram to international corporations. Adobe products have become the go-to software for creatives … Read more

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