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Can a Graphics Tablet Replace a Mouse?

Beginner graphic designer working side by side on graphics tablet and computer

You might have thought about replacing your mouse with some other device that functions as a mouse. Your best bet is using a graphics tablet to swap your mouse with. There are many reasons someone might go through the trouble of swapping a mouse for tablet. Whether you’re suffering from wrist pain, fear developing carpal … Read more

Choosing a Video Editor for Mac: 4 Points to Consider

Featured image showcasing a macbook

This article was contributed by guest author Lindsey Evans Video editing is no mean feat, especially if you are trying to find your footing in this field. The importance of videos across social media platforms has catapulted since 2016, which coincides with the introduction of TikTok. TikTok is a short-form video application that is changing … Read more

Mac VS PC for Video Editing: Comparison & Review

Video editing is a cherished art that requires not only creativity and extreme focus but an adequate operating system as well. Professional video editors are unable to compromise on high performance, speed, and upgradeability. But as technology keeps on advancing and newer computers with better specs are released in the market, the debate continues about … Read more

10 Web Design Principles Every Designer Needs to Know

This article was written by guest author Carmen Docampo, a hobby photographer and passionate content writer Web design is a lot like art. It’s fairly subjective, and people may respond to certain designs in different ways. There is no one way to design a website that will guarantee that it speaks to 100% of your … Read more

Common Invoice Payment Terms Every Freelancer Must Know

This article was written by guest author Lorie Dodson, a full-time writer and content editor Being your own boss comes with challenges. One of those challenges is drawing up invoices, issuing them to clients, and ensuring that you get paid on time. Unless you’re freelancing in the financial sector, this isn’t always easy. Whether you’re … Read more

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