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Can Drawing Tablets Be Used Without a Computer?

Person using Standalone Drawing Tablet on his lap

As an aspiring artist, animator, or graphic designer you might want to invest in a good-quality drawing tablet for your creative endeavors. However, you might be stumped when it comes to buying one as the costs can stack up once you realize you also need a computer to go with it. Even though there are … Read more

Do Drawing Tablets Come With Drawing Software?

drawing tablet with drawing software open on computer

Drawing digitally with a drawing tablet can be a new fun way to explore your artistic capabilities but that’s not all you need to start drawing. You also need drawing software to bring life to your ideas but the default programs such as, Windows Paint or Apple’s Paintbrush aren’t up to par when it comes … Read more

Can a Drawing Tablet Be Used With a Laptop?

A drawing tablet is a great tool for digital artists, graphic designers, and content creators but you might have always seen it being used with desktop monitors. However, many people prefer buying a laptop over a desktop as a portable option. If you are one of those people you might have wondered if a drawing … Read more

Digital Art: 14 Answers to Your Most Common Questions

Digital art NFT of a cube

Digital art is a growing industry and is attracting a lot of creative individuals with a passion for art. Digital art has evolved to great lengths with newer software, tools, and discussions. If you are looking to become a digital artist yourself you should know what this field is all about. That is why I … Read more

What Are Acrylic Paint Retarders?

van gogh painting starry night using impasto painting technique

Artists use an acrylic paint retarder to keep their paintings smooth and wet, but what exactly is a retarder? What is an Acrylic Paint Retarder? A Retarder is a substance containing glycerin that is used to slow down the drying time of acrylic paints. Depending on the retarder-to-paint ratio the retardant can last anywhere from … Read more

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